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Address: Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos Nigeria.

Website: http://www.masikio.com

Email: info@masikio.com

Phone: (234) 8098452277

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Anonymous - 12/Dec/16
[Comment] Thanks to this platform. Tigo resolved my phone number network issue....thanks to Tigo too.
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Keeeem - 20/Sep/16
[Comment] This is to.acknowledge that First Bank eventually credited me with the fraudulent withdrawal from my account on Saturday 17th after I escalated the response from FBN to CBN. Thank you to masikio.com for providing the platform to express my grievance. Thumbs up
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Anonymous - 19/Aug/16
[Comment] Excellent Work, this will improve the business service in Rwanda. Well Done!!!!
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About Masikio.com, LLC

Masikio.com is an Integrated Feedback and Contact Center System for the service sectors. It is a way to get first hand, structured and documented customer's experience delivered to your service providers as you write them. This is intended to improving customer service experience in the service sectors which will gradually translate to institutional and economical growth.
Contrary to the use of machines and forms by the institutions to get feedback from their customers while on their premises, this system provides accessibility anywhere, anytime and also protect the customers’ feedback from being tampered with or being trashed and never get to the managements of institutions.
On the other hand, the reliance on data mining or scraping from social media platforms and other websites alike provide unstructured and complicated data feeds that might not only be unreliable but also comes with complications in making good use of. This feedback system will serve as a localized feedback capture which is structured and readily available for consumption by the institutions, regulatory authorities, consumers and prospective customers.