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Smile Communications Nigeria
(Complaint) I have been enjoying your internet service until when I started subscribing for your promo packages. I had to restart my device several times and the signal fluctuation is rally frustrating to affecting my work. Kindly see to this or simply abolish the promo.....1610002194
Etisalat Nigeria
(Complaint) Can you please reduce the double "one minute remaining" voice notification reminder during calls, it makes the receiver feels that the caller has stopped talking. The reminder is okay but make it only once and not twice. If possible, you can make it optional where people can opt out of it.
Shoprite Nigeria
(Complaint) Happy to have your outlet around Sangotedo but what is the problem with some of your cashiers? They don't smile but would rather frown their faces as if the customer is their enemy. Kindly take them through some customer service training.
Cold Stone
(Comment) The choices and varieties of ice cream flavor is amazing simply amazing at the Ajah outlet! They might just need to provide more seats on some days like the children's day.
Etisalat Nigeria
(Comment) Your roaming service in and out of Africa is excellent! Please keep it up. Is it possible to subscribe for roaming data?
Etisalat Nigeria
(Complaint) Please how can I deactivate the SMS that usually comes after each call on my Etisalat line? It is disturbing.
(Suggestion) Nice food as usual but I would like to suggest you change your utencils. Are they not too old?
Awoyaya Hospital
(Suggestion) This is a good hospital in the environment providing quality and affordable medical services for the people around the area and beyond, but adequate attention should be paid to the reception area staff and their concentration on what goes in and out of the hospital.
ABC Transports
(Suggestion) Your transport system is very good and safe but I will like to suggest that you pay attention to your environment. Expecially the toilets in Lagos & Accra. A little investment will not hurt your profit, but will encourage more customers to always settle for ABC as their first choice among others.
ABC Transports
(Complaint) I want to complain about the biscuit I bought at the ABC Transport supermarket - Mile 2 on 28th December 2016 has exipred even though the expiry date was reading August 2017. The ABC Manager, unfortunately didn't see this as an issue. Who knows how many expired snacks are in the supermarket.