• What is Masikio?

    Masikio.com is an Integrated, Multi-company Feedback and Contact Center System for the service sectors. It is a way to get first hand, structured and documented customer's experience delivered to your service providers as you write them. This is intended to improving customer service experience in the service sectors which will gradually translate to institutional and economical growth.

    Contrary to the use of machines and forms by the institutions to get feedback from their customers while on their premises, this system provides accessibility anywhere, anytime and also protect the customers’ feedback from being tampered with or being trashed and never get to the managements of institutions.

    The reliance on data mining or scraping from social media platforms and other websites alike provide unstructured data feeds that might not only be costly and unreliable but also comes with complications in making good use of.

    This feedback system will serve as a localized feedback capture which is structured and readily available for consumption by the institutions, regulatory authorities, consumers and prospective customers.

  • How it works

    The Platform is open to the public by way of registering with their valid email address which would be validated by the system. The validation is done by responding to an email sent by the system to the provided email address. Users are expected to click on the link to validate the email address.

    Although users can access the feedback platform to read and search for feedback without registration, but the ability to write a feedback or Agree/Disagree to others feedback will require the user to register with a valid email address. When a user register, the user will be able to rate, write a feedback, Agree/Disagree to feedback written by other users and also chat with the list of contact centers available on the platform.

    The Agree/Disagree feature is to enable the institutions, customers and regulatory authorities to have an opinion about the feedback from users/customers. This is necessary to detect false and malicious feedbacks.

    Even though the Institutions can access the portal to get their feedback at anytime, feedback is also sent to the service provider as it is being created.

  • The benefits

    The platform aim to improve the customer service experience in the service sector industry. This in turn will reshape the customer service level delivery by the institutions to the consumers.

    When institutions are able to deliver cutting edge services to make their customers happy, it places the institutions above their peer in the region and the economy stands to benefit immensely. This can further attracts more foreign investments to the continent as the profitability of the institutions grow.

    Another feature of the platform is the provision of a contact center service for intrested service providers. This is provided by way of instant chat system implemented to provide cost free access to the service providers y their customers and prospects.

    While large companies and organisations might have it as an addition to their existing contact center set up, small and medium scale enterprises might want to take the full advantage and use this platform to serve as their contact center without the need to set up one.